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Maybe you've tried some indoor laser tag in Aberdeen before - this however, is unlike anything else in Aberdeenshire. Using the most high-tech laser tag equipment on the market, this activity is great for kids groups, parties and stag and hen events. All of our laser tag arena's are outdoors encouraging players to make use of the terrain to overcome their opponents. It's as much fun as paintball without any bruises!


All the Gear The Equipment

Laser Tag MP5

With a weight of just 2.1kg, 300m effective range and 30mm red dot scope, MP5 is the perfect weapon to take down the enemy with.

Featuring realistic "Mil-Sim" mag change sounds and damage hits players are able to find out their individual player stats at the end of each game.


Choose Yours Prices & Packages

We offer birthday party package and standard laser tag gaming sessions which run over either 2 or 3-hour sessions. Check out our laser tag packages below.

To secure your Party Package please make sure all 14 spaces are available. 

If there is only 4 spaces left, we wont be able run Party Package for 14 players at that time. 

Fun Sessions

Laser Tag - Fun Session

£26.00 / per person
90 minutes of gaming

Battle Grounds team invite you to join us for a fun session of laser tag in our Woodlands

We will run for you games like capture the flag, team deathmatch or humans vs zombies! 

Our amazing games zones like Trenches, Castle Village and more waiting for you and your team! 

All fun sessions require a minimum of 6 players to run with a maximum of 14 players on the field at any one time.

If you have small numbers, why not invite friends and family to join you for fun day at Battle Grounds! 

By pressing BOOK NOW tab will show you availabilities.  

  • Full Body Camouflage Coveralls
  • MP5 Laser Guns
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Pre and Post Game Briefs
Perfect For
Outdoor adventure seeker aged 6 and over

Party Packages

Laser Tag - 2 Hour Party

£240.00 (Upto 14 players)
2 hours - 60 minutes of gaming and 60 minutes party time

Adrenaline filled 60 minutes in-game laser tag fun followed by a party including juice and crisps. 

You are welcome to bring your own Cake/Cupcakes. 

We stock napkins, cups, cake cutters and plates - if you need any let us know! 

You are more than welcome to bring your own party food! Or order fresh butcher beef burgers/ hot dogs (£4.00 each)

Play 60 minutes of Laser Tag in our Woodlands. 

Perfect for groups 6-14 players. Parents are welcome to watch the game or join the fun at Battle Grounds. 

Pressing BOOK NOW tab will show you availabilities.

  • 60 minutes of laser gaming
  • Full body camouflage coveralls
  • MP5 laser guns
  • Pre-game briefs
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Juice
  • Crisps
  • Party Time in own Hut
Perfect For
Outdoor adventure seeker aged 6 and over

Laser Tag - 3 Hour Party

£300.00 (Upto 14 players)
3 Hours - 120 minutes of gaming and 60 minutes of party time.

Adrenaline filled 120 minutes of laser tag in our Woodlands, followed by a party with juice and crisps. 

You are welcome to bring your own cake/cupcakes. 

We stock cups,napkins, plates and cake cutters if you need any, please let us know!

You are more than welcome to bring your own party food. Or order fresh butcher beef burgers and hot dogs (£4.00 each)

Perfect for groups 6-12 players. Parents are welcome to join watch the game or join the fun at Batte Grounds. 

This package is available on request, please contact us via email or phone call to ask for availability. 


  • 120 minutes of laser gaming
  • Full body camouflage coveralls
  • MP5 laser guns
  • Pre-game briefs
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Juice
  • Crisps
  • 60 Min Party
Perfect For
Birthday Party, Family day out!

DON'T FORGET - WE OFFER THIS ACTIVITY AS PART OF A MULTI-ACTIVITY DAY - Please contact us via email (fun@battlescotland.co.uk)  or call to find out more (07773771741)

Get Ready Key Information

Requirements & Information

Minimum Age:

6 Years


Pyrotechnics (smoke grenades and flash bangs) for use by players 18 years and older

Our Marshalls are trained to use them safely for you if you would purchase for a great atmosphere during the game. 

Group size:

6 - 14 players (larger groups can be accommodated on request)

What do I need to bring with me


  • Comfortable shoes ready to get a bit muddy
  • Warm layers of clothing.
  • Gloves (glove hire available)


Although we provide full body camo coveralls it's always a good plan to take a change of clothes incase the heaven's open - we are in Scotland afterall!

Helpful Tips

  • Bring gloves if it's chilly
  • Try and encourage your group to arrive 15 minutes before your booked time
  • If you've booked a party package you are welcome to bring your own cake/cupcakes together with extra snacks. 

Celebrate your Birthday with us! Birthday Party Invites

Download one of our paper birthday party invites, stamped with the Battlegrounds seal of approval.

Download Invites

Laser Tag FAQ


What is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag (also known as Laser Skirmish or Laser Quest) is a fun game of survival that involves using a gun with an infra-red laser beam against opponents. Some scenarios like, lone survivor, or last man standing, require individual skills. Team scenarios involve communication, leadership and team skills.


Will I get dirty? What should I wear?

Each players is given coveralls at the start of the day which keep the worst of the mud and damp at bay however it depends on how careful you are, and how much you want to roll around. You should wear a pair of trainers, jeans are fine, or other old clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.


What if it rains?

Come rain or shine the equipment will work prefectly and we have a fully covered area with seating and tables dedicated to laser tag so you'll always have somewhere dry to come back to. If the rain becomes too heavy (in the woods it can hamper visability if the rain is torrential) we will return to the reception area and see if we can extend the session or re-book your group.


Do we need to book?

Yes. Booking is essential and you can contact us to check availability by phone, email or via the online booking system.


Does it hurt and is the laser dangerous?

Laser tag does not hurt as an infrared beam, similar to your television remote, is fired at the speed of light, at your opponent. As there is no actual impact there is no pain either - so no bruises!


What is the difference between Laser tag and Paintball?

The key difference between laser tag and paintball is that in paintball you are actually firing a projectile object at your opponent compared to a laser beam which produces no impact in laser tag. 

Although you can hit someone anywhere on their body during a game of paintball and eliminate them from the game, during a laser tag game you need to aim in the vicinity of a sensor worn by your opposition.

Our state-of-the-art laser equipment were hand picked all the way from America becuase they give audible and visual signals to players along with an LCD display that reports each players performance. It accounts for different game parameters, including time, kills, ammo, health, shots, who you shot, who shot you, and many other stats.

The age range for laser tag is 6 years and up, while for paintball, the minimum age is 12.

Both laser tag and paintball are great team building sports providing players with a challenging, exciting gaming experience... we love them both or we wouldn't offer them to you!

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